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Antique Restoration

Repair of Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum or White Metal that has been broken, cracked and/or eroded can be restored. 

Items such as Cast Iron Stoves Components, Household Steam and Hot Water Radiators, Model Toys, Cast Ornamental Fixtures, etc.

  • We provide a cost effective restoration of castings.
  • Restoration of parts that are irreplaceable.
  • Restoration to the original geometry and texture is possible.
  • Custom machine shop service is available.


 Model Plane Wing - Broken wing from a Viet Nam Jet Model from our friend Joon Ho Lee in Singapore.  Yes it is a world wide web, we were exited to receive work from Singapore. We would like to thank him for the final photo. 

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The Repair
Picture from Singapore

We specialize in antique & metal restoration including aluminum, castings, model and cast iron repairs, in Hudson, WI.

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