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Cast Metal Restoration Services

Trust the professionals of Crow Cast Custom Welding to provide expert cast metal restorations services at affordable prices. By specializing in the restoration of cast metal components, we offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new parts. Please note that we are not a casting service, but will take your original piece and repair it whether it is cast iron, cast aluminum, or white metal. Check out our services selection for examples of our work, or contact us to learn about custom welding projects.

 Engine Repair Before

Engine Repair After

Automotive Engine and Components
If you have a broken, cracked, and/or eroded part that needs to be replaced, it may be more cost-effective to restore the part than buying a replacement. In many cases, it is important to keep matching numbers to retain the value of your vehicle—and we can do just that. Whether you have a huge hole in the engine block or your cylinder head is cracked, our repair services will save it from the scrap yard.

Marine Repair Before

Marine Engines and Components
Marine engine parts are becoming harder to find, especially manifolds for old wooden boats. If you can't find the part you need, call us and we can repair your broken or eroded part. Even if you have a different type of part that is broken, we can often accommodate special requests. With many years as an automotive machinist, we have the experience to bring most parts as close to their original geometry as possible.

Antique Repair Before
Antique Repair After

Antique Restoration
Broke your favorite antique? Don't worry and just give us a call. Your part may not be ready for the junk pile and can be saved with our cast metal restoration services. The sky is the limit, and we will let you know if we can repair your item. Call or e-mail us today for details. As you can see by our examples, many things can be brought back to look as good as new.

Coatings Before
Coatings After

Performance Coatings
Get more life and performance out of your restored part with a performance coating. This simple and affordable service will add years to the life of your part.

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